Meet Benny Saint James

Benny began his journey with the body at the age of 6 when he began dancing, which quickly became his passion for over 20 years where he danced professionally around the globe. During his profesisonal dance career, Benny began his pursuit of therapies that helped keep his body in love with movement. From obtaining his 500 hour diploma in yogic studies from India by the age of 22 to getting trained as a reiki master by the age of 25, Benny knew that his next career would involve helping others cultivate a deeply connected relationship to their life and body. 

Upon retiring from dance, Benny received his 1000-hour training in therapeutic massage specializing in pain reconciliation and neuromuscular therapy. Now, after a decade of running his own private practice, Benny has mastered how to get incredible results for his clients to get back to living their best life. 

Benny performs over 15 different modalities of massage including: 

At Primal Origin Holistics, there is no additional hidden fees for choosing to use the techniques and tools that will get the best results. Every single tool and technique is open to be used during any session and is included in the price of the session. This ensures that everyone has access to life changing therapeutic approaches in order to achieve the desired results. No more paying exorbitant fees for a few drops of essential oils or deeper pressure because these tools not only help you, but they also help to prolong the working life of your therapist! 

During your intake, Benny will discuss the different options that are available to you so that you yield the greatest results. Keeping in mind that some therapies are more "advanced" than others and may not even be necessary. Why take cold medicine for a headache? Body work is similar in nature being that there is a tool or technique which is indicated for different situations. The goal is to be as effective as possible while still allowing you to relax. 

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