Be a part of disrupting an entire industry. At Primal Origin Holistics, there is no additional hidden fees for choosing to use the techniques and tools that will get the best results. Every single tool and technique are available for use during any session and is included in the price of the session. This ensures that every body has access to life changing therapeutic approaches in order to achieve the desired results. No more paying exorbitant fees for a few drops of essential oils or deeper pressure because these tools not only help you, but they also help to prolong the working life of your therapist! 

Deep tissue/Neuromuscular Therapy is designed to reconcile pain from inury and dysfunction in the body. 

Relaxing Swedish massage for gently restoring balance in the body. 

Cupping therapy is a technique gaining popularity for releasing active muscles and restoring proper function/range of motion. A non-invasive alternative to many injuries. 

Scrapping or gua-sha is an effective way to promote profound healing. It is our most advanced modality because it is intense to receive and involves soreness post-treatment. 

Pre/post-natal massage follows protocol from leading medical advisory boards and follows specific practices for each trimester. Make sure to speak with your doctor before scheduling.

Hot bamboo and hot stone massage help to relax and release tired/sore muscles, and give the therapist the ability to work more effectively. 

Sports massage keeps athletes moving no matter what their sport. Special care is taken considering injuries and can be helpful before or after major sporting events. 

Reflexology is a great technique to massage the internal systems of the body and bring balance using specific points on the hands, feet, face, and ears.  A great alternative if massage on the body is not advised. 

Shiatsu involves applying pressure to specific meridians of the body in order to balance and heal disease. Shiatsu is a great alternative to those with a compromised  body that cannot recieve massage. 

Aromatherapy and raindrop massage therapy uses the highest quality therapeutics grade essential oils to help ease many issues in the body. Aromatherapy is applied  to every session at Primal Origin Holistics at no extra cost. 

Reiki therapy and energy work help to clear and refresh the energy of the mind, body, and spirit. A deeply relaxing treatment, energetic healing is not to be underestimated. 

Sound therapy is an ancient practice of utilizing vibration from sacred sound instruments to raise the frequency of internal structure and energy. 


Please be courteous that a therapeutic relationship requires commitment and integrity from both the client and the therapist; without which sessions cannot be effective. In order to offer the highest level of service possible, please consider the following policies when making appointments:

-Please note that there is a cash is preferred and receives a discount of $10 off stated price. Any debit, credit, non-local check, or 3rd party pay (Venmo, Paypal, Cashapp) will be charged the full price. 

-All cancellations and rescheduling must be made 72-hours in advanced. Any notice less than 72-hours will be charged 50% of scheduled service and notice less than 24-hours will be charged the full price of scheduled service. This policy is enforced, and payment is required before rescheduling. If you are past 72-hour window for cancelling/rescheduling, consider sending a friend or family member to fulfill your appointment. 

-Massage therapy is not indicated for the duration of ANY cold, flu, illness, or systemic issue. It will not only exacerbate and prolong the issue but expose your therapist and others. Please call or text (719)464-7711 to explain symptoms and discuss rescheduling free of any cancellation consequence. 

-Please arrive no earlier than 5-minutes before your scheduled session. Your therapist will not be available any earlier than that. 

-Late arrivals risk sacrificing the amount of time they are late dependent on whether or not there is extra room to go over scheduled time. Please be courteous with your scheduled time and inform by call or text if you are running late (719)464-7711. 

-Gratuity is always appreciated but never required. Please stay within your financial means and keep in mind that tipping does not come with any current or future perks of any kind including but not limited to longer sessions, lenient policy enforcement, or immunity from future termination of services. 

-Gift card appointments are not permitted to reschedule within 72-hours of appointment, unless for illness. Appointments made with gift cards are non-refundable/non-redeemable for cash. Expired gift cards are only good for $10 off any service. 

-For best results and safety, please keep your therapist informed of any changes in medication, illness, or other pysicals issues. Failure to disclose any health information will result in immediate termination of services. There are many illnesses and medication that change what can be offered, and not informing your therapist can result in irreparable/irreversible harm to your body. 

-Communication is vital to any therapeutic service and will greatly increase results. Please inform your therapist of any issues or questions that you may have before, during, or after treatments.